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Meet Chiara, Liesl, & Pascal!

Chiara - 12

Instrument:  Piano

Favorite song: “The Last Goodbye” by Billy Boyd; She like this song because she likes the melody and can relate to it.

What Chiara likes most about music lessons is that her instructor Amber explains new material very well so she can understand and remember everything.  Chiara likes to practice playing after school, and when she grows up, she would simply like to continue playing and enjoying piano. When asked how music can change the world, Chiara says that “music can be soothing or teach a lesson, both of which are really important sometimes”.  When she is not making music, Chiara enjoys reading, biking, and climbing trees.

Liesl - 8

Instrument: Piano

Favorite song: “The Last Goodbye” by Billy Boyd; She really likes Lord of the Rings because it is really intense. She likes how the music flows.

Liesl enjoys her piano lessons because she likes how she learns a new song each lesson.  She likes her instructor Amber because she doesn’t push too hard, but can push her just hard enough. Liesl practices piano right after school, and someday when she grows up she would like to learn the piccolo!  Liesl believes that music can change the world because “without music, the world would be quiet. Sometimes songs can explain things, so we wouldn’t know as much and people wouldn’t listen to explanations” (well said!). Outside of music, Liesl enjoys biking and reading.

Pascal - 7

Instrument:  Piano

Favorite music: The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings soundtracks; He likes the ones without words because they are more peaceful. He also really likes the Hobbit movie. 

What Pascal likes most about music lessons is that when he gets a part wrong in a song, his instructor Amber will play the part that they got wrong so they can hear what it sounds like correctly.  Pascal likes to practice playing after school as well, and when he grows up, he wants to be a professional electric guitar player! When asked how music can change the world, Pascal says that “music can make people happy”.  When he is not making music, Pascal enjoys snuggling Mom, sleeping, and building LEGOS.

According to their instructor Amber…Chiara, Leisl, and Pascal deserve the spotlight for a number of reasons. They are relatively new, having begun lessons only 8 months ago; yet they have progressed more rapidly through all the beginner material than almost any other students. Their practice habits are consistent and they never miss a lesson. All three are prepared every week and always do their best. Most recently, they finished a composition assignment, which they completed correctly and very creatively. Every week she is impressed by their talent and their overall effort.

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Our oldest son has been learning piano with Music Flow for almost two years. He also just began learning to play guitar! Our youngest son started about 6 months ago. Our instructor is wonderful! He is very patient, kind, and knowledgeable. He follows our children’s lead while at the same time gently steering them in the direction they need to go to learn the skills to play music. The recitals are great events which create a very supportive environment that help motivate the boys to play and practice.  They are well planned and so sweet to watch and experience. We are so grateful for the fantastic instruction and joy of music in our home that Music Flow has brought!

Sarah Fate (mother)