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Meet Connor & Tristan!

Connor Huet - 13

Instrument:  Bass Guitar, Favorite song: “Iron Man” 

Favorite band:  Black Sabbath… Connor likes the style of their music and thinks everyone in the band is very talented, plus fun to watch. 

What Connor likes most about music lessons is that he is able to learn and play his favorite songs with his great teacher Andy.  He likes to play music whenever he can, but sometimes that’s limited because his music gets pretty loud in the house with other things going on!  When Connor is older, he would like to be known for his own specific style of playing that is new and different, but encompasses many different styles all in one. When asked how music can change the world, Connor says “I think music can help people and be a tool for them to use when they need it.  And I think it can influence and bring many people together.”  When he is not making music, Connor likes to skateboard, snowboard, bike and also enjoys playing soccer and exercising. 

Tristan Huet - 13

Instrument: Drums, Favorite song / artist?…Tristan says, “I don’t really have a favorite song because there are too many good ones. And, there are just too many good bands to choose from.” 

In his music lessons, Tristan likes that he gets to try something new and expand on his abilities each time his instructor Andy comes over, as well as the fact that he is just a really great instructor and person… Lessons are always very fun and engaging. Tristan likes to practice whenever he feels like it or just whenever he can. He usually plays for fun with his brother or just when he learns a new song.  When he’s older, Tristan wants to be the kind of musician that when people hear or see him, they think that it's cool the way he plays.  And, he’d also like to bring a new style of rock or punk to the music industry.  Tristan believes “Music can show people things about the world through musicians' lyrics that they didn't see or couldn't see before.”  Outside of music, Tristan likes to skateboard, snowboard, and bike at Mt Bachelor and local trails. He also likes to play video games and to just kind of mess around. 

According to their instructor Andy, working with the Huet brothers is a blast.  Every lesson feels like a band practice.   They have great taste in music and learn very quickly.   Their patience and enthusiasm makes them a joy to work with every week.

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Our oldest son has been learning piano with Music Flow for almost two years. He also just began learning to play guitar! Our youngest son started about 6 months ago. Our instructor is wonderful! He is very patient, kind, and knowledgeable. He follows our children’s lead while at the same time gently steering them in the direction they need to go to learn the skills to play music. The recitals are great events which create a very supportive environment that help motivate the boys to play and practice.  They are well planned and so sweet to watch and experience. We are so grateful for the fantastic instruction and joy of music in our home that Music Flow has brought!

Sarah Fate (mother)