Meet Henry & Kiera!

Meet Keira & Henry!

Keira Tee - 8

Instrument:  Piano  /  Favorite song: “Carol of the Bells” (Pentatonix version) - Because she “likes all the layers of sound”

What Keira likes most about music lessons is that her instructor “Miss Amber” keeps bringing her new songs each week to learn.  She likes to practice playing in the afternoons because it is a peaceful time of day.  When Keira grows up, she would like to learn and play the flute as well. When asked how music can change the world, Keira says that “it can bring harmony because it brings people together”.  When she is not making music, Keira enjoys crafting and making art.

Henry Tee - 7

Instrument: Piano  /  Favorite song: Henry says, “That’s impossible, because I like so many.”

Henry also enjoys his piano lessons because of all the new songs he gets to learn. He is quite dedicated to his practice time, spending some time on the piano about 3X/morning, “a lot” in the afternoon, and at bedtime too!  Henry would like to play the trombone when he grows up, “like Trombone Shorty”.  He believes that music can change the world because it simply can bring people happiness. Outside of music, Henry enjoys soccer, golf, baseball, and playing with his dad.

According to their instructor Amber, Keira and Henry have been working hard at memorizing their songs, and between them have memorized 13 songs since January! Most recently, they have been learning songs with sharps and flats. They are always enthusiastic and ready to learn!

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Our oldest son has been learning piano with Music Flow for almost two years. He also just began learning to play guitar! Our youngest son started about 6 months ago. Our instructor is wonderful! He is very patient, kind, and knowledgeable. He follows our children’s lead while at the same time gently steering them in the direction they need to go to learn the skills to play music. The recitals are great events which create a very supportive environment that help motivate the boys to play and practice.  They are well planned and so sweet to watch and experience. We are so grateful for the fantastic instruction and joy of music in our home that Music Flow has brought!

Sarah Fate (mother)