Meet 9-yr-old Mia, who very recently has started learning to play flute! Mia’s favorite songs to listen to are “Lost Boy” by Ruth B, and “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran.  She has a knack for learning new skills on her flute quickly, and really likes to learn new songs and play duets with her instructor Lynn at each lesson.  Mia is very dedicated to practicing, and likes to do so after dinner so her family can listen to her playing when everyone is together. When she is grown up, Mia would like to be a true flutist, and it appears her dedication will take her there!  She really enjoys her travels, bringing her flute with her wherever she goes, and would one day enjoy playing her flute for people all the way in Japan!  When asked how music can help change the world, Mia believes that music brings people together and makes everyone happier.  In her words, “with music you’ll always have a fun time learning.” 

According to her flute instructor Lynn, Mia is a wonderfully smart and bubbly student, always eager to learn and is prepared for her lesson every week. She is learning new notes and challenging fingering, along with her tone and breath support getting stronger. She even took her flute with her while she was on vacation recently and worked on her lessons! Mia has learned a full octave scale already and loves playing duets. Her lesson time goes by so fast because they learn together and have fun at the same time. Keep up the great work Mia!

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In November of 2015 I had decided to really start learning how to play the Guitar after years of just knowing a few Chords and Rhythm and playing the same old stuff over and over, and through a business relationship I found out about Music Flow Teaching and little did I know at that time what a huge impact this was going to have on my life. My goal in the beginning was to learn how to Solo and not just copy or mimic what other Guitar players had done but be able to create my own solos, I was shocked at how quickly my Instructor was able to get the basic scales needed to start this process going, and how fast I was able to absorb these techniques and forms to get started on my journey to my Goal. Now that I have been doing this for over a year and a half it seems like every lesson just provides a quicker learning experience as I get more and more of the capabilities in my hand. I really like how my Instructor is able to adapt quickly and change from lesson to lesson to work on a technique or form instead of just sticking to some plan that someone else has developed. What I have learned since starting with Music Flow has affected my life in more ways than just music alone, it has reignited a passion that had been gone for a long time as I look so forward to getting home and playing everyday, it has also helped every other part of my life as well. I now seem to focus on task better and and pay more attention to detail than before I started on this journey. From the deepest part of my Heart I would like to just say Thank You Music Flow Teaching and I cant wait to see what the next year holds because if it is anything like the last year my advancement will be exponential.

Jeff Miller, Music Flow Student