Meet Samantha “Sam” Boyle, a Registered Nurse in the ICU who has been taking guitar lessons since the start of 2017!  Sam’s favorite band is the Rolling Stones, along with a strong interest in a variety of rock music such as Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, Santana, & Pink Floyd among many others.  What she likes most about music lessons is the feeling of learning something new and improving little by little, and taking an hour aside each week for herself to do something that’s important to her.  Lessons have become a weekly “tradition” to which she looks forward.  Sam also enjoys playing and practicing at the local skate park while her boyfriend is skateboarding. 

For Sam, playing music builds confidence in exploring a new interesting hobby, although she wishes she wasn’t so shy to play in front of others.  Someday she would like to retire as a musician and play acoustic favorites for folks in a tropical bar somewhere, perhaps Southeast Asia or Central America!  On that note, if she had a current choice to play her instrument anywhere in the world it would be either at the Giralda in Granada, Spain or at Joshua Tree National Park.  When asked how music changes the world, Sam says “It brings happiness, togetherness, and community.  And maybe if more folks took time to make music, they wouldn't be as concerned with global domination. They'd be practicing scales!”

According to her guitar instructor Travis, Sam is very fearless in her challenging song choices she wants to learn, along with having an openness to learn new techniques and theory each week.  After beginning with only a few chords under her fingers, she has since decided to take on learning how to play melodies and guitar solo’s from David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Carlos Santana, and Slash (GNR)!  She has great persistence in learning, and is a true pleasure to teach!

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My name is Tatiana Cobos and I have been playing guitar for about 7 years. Ever since I can remember it always fascinated me the way the guitar looked, how it sounded, and the way you move your hands when you play the instrument. Along these 7 years I have had a few teachers. Some didn’t challenge me the way I wanted to be challenged and others had a different vision for me than that I had for myself. A couple of years ago we came across Music Flow. At the end of the first lesson I felt more connected to the guitar and to music. My instructor challenges me and shows me new concepts that I couldn’t even image exist. Every Wednesday I cannot wait to go home from school and see my instructor and what he has in store for me. Music for me has become a place I can explore and have my own little bubble of creativity. I have found my love for the guitar and music, and I have no plan in stopping my lessons any time soon! I love Music Flow and what I have learned!

Tatiana Cobos, Music Flow Student